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2013 Recap

The Leonardos: 2013 from MrsLeo on Vimeo.


  • worked feverishly as Instacart’s chief technology officer (read more about Instacart here and here)
  • enjoyed riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle
  • turned 30 years old


  • started teaching middle school (7th grade, eek!)
  • took a sewing class
  • visited her sister in Atlanta, GA
  • threw a surprise birthday party for Brandon

Brandon and Chandra:

  • enjoyed a trip to Fiji
  • loved the amazing Açores islands of Saõ Miguel, Terceira, Faial, Pico, and Saõ Jorge
  • celebrated one year of marriage bliss
  • moved further up the Peninsula (closer to San Francisco)
  • went rafting with the young marrieds (from church)
  • loved each other more, prayed together, & read the Bible together

Welcome, 2014!

Credit: 1 Year Anniversary photos

Credit: Floral in 1 year anniversary photos