Review: Tiny Prints vs. Minted Holiday Cards


front of foil pressed card


back of foil pressed cardLast year I reviewed our holiday cards from Minted, and since I opted to use a different company this year, here is my Tiny Prints review*.

Brandon and I took anniversary photos back in September, so we decided to use those photos for our Christmas cards. As much as I loved our Minted cards last year (I mean, I vowed to use them again this year!), I ended up choosing Tiny Prints simply because they were cheaper.

Like Minted, Tiny Prints offers a variety of card selections and fast shipping. I should point out that I had selected a card from Minted and cards from Tiny Prints, but Tiny Prints beat out Minted in the number of holiday card options. So, while both sites offer numerous card options,  I felt like Tiny Prints hit the nail on  the head this year by offering dozens of holiday card options.

Cheer1 Cheer2One thing I missed this year, was Minted’s address labeling and the ability to edit my card. I really wanted to add the year to our cards, but Tiny Prints doesn’t offer unique customization. I also wanted to write a blurb on the back of the card, and again, Tiny Prints doesn’t allow this type of customization.

As far as the quality of the paper, Tiny Prints’ paper wasn’t as sturdy as Minted’s paper selection. Our Tiny Prints’ cards looked good, but I honestly thought the quality of our Minted holiday cards were ten times better.

Merry1 Merry2Choose Tiny Prints if

  • you’re not interested in making adjustments to your card
  • price is a concern
  • you want a variety of cards to choose from

Choose Minted if

  • you prefer a solid quality card
  • you want to make some edits to the card
  • you don’t mind paying extra for your cards


*All opinions are my own; I was not paid to write this review. 


  1. Tiffany G.

    I’ve used Minted, Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Vista print, and Overnight prints! And honestly, once you’ve experienced Minted’s paper, it’s really hard to go back to others. I would add that I’ve had customer service issues with Minted BUT their unique design (like the customized wrapping paper we ordered this year!) and paper quality make me a loyal customer (budget permitting).

    • I hear you! I’ve not used their custom wrapping paper. I’ll have to check out the other goodies they offer. I just found another paper goods site called Paper Culture. I’ll have to give them a test run during the year to see how they compare to Minted and Tiny Prints.

  2. Charlotte

    This year I’m using Minted, because of all the reasons you guys listed. TinyPrints is also nice and a bit cheaper.

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