Chandra & Brandon Wedding Highlight from Tri Luu Films on Vimeo.

Our Wedding Video

The stats:

Who: Chandra D. Lockett married Brandon Leonardo

When: September 8, 2012

Where: Falkirk Cultural Center San Rafael, CA

Photography/Videography: Vinh Nguyen/Tri Luu

Flowers: Petals of Love

Concept and all that jazz: Fabian Grateroles

Caterer: Little Chef Counter 

View our first set of engagement photos here



  1. i just ran across your fashion blog and followed the link here. first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!! beautiful wedding. You all put the wedding and this video together perfect. Spread the love!!!!!!!

  2. Derika T.

    Okay, I’m stupid late! I am just now discovering this website! Smh! This was a beautiful video! Brought me to tears! Love is one of the greatest things that God created! You guys make a beautiful couple God bless!

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