Holidate Night: San Francisco Edition

I like to know things in advance. Don’t try to pull a fast one on me. I read the last chapter of the book before I need to, I skim through Wikipedia for the synopsis; I’m constantly looking ahead.

Brandon understands that I’m annoying curious, but encourages me to step back and rest every now and then. I’m learning to listen.

It was no secret that I wanted to see The Nutcracker ballet in San Francisco. I’m pretty sure I’ve been blatantly hinting about going since we saw an advertisement on a bus back in October.

With Christmas quickly approaching I figured that Brandon forgot about my hints (even though he has an excellent track record of listening to hints!) and I decided to forget about the ballet–until last week. Brandon told me to cancel any plans I had for the 21st because he was making other plans. Who? What? When? Where? The only answer I received was: San Francisco. Drive up after work.

I had a hunch that we were going to the ballet but I decided to be normal and not question anything.

My suspicions were correct and I’ve gotta congratulate Brandon on not breaking his cover. While I was at work Brandon iMessaged me a screenshot of our hotel reservation. He used the Hotel Tonight iPhone app to secure our hotel (located in Union Square). Brandon was able to upgrade our room to a king sized room and it happened to have a window view. I was able to look down on the busyness that is Powell & O’Farrell streets from our 6th floor window, so that was nice!

Brandon revealed that we were going to the Nutcracker by slipping the tickets under the hotel room door. Ha! After we got dressed he figured we were cutting it close to show time so instead of getting out car out of the valet garage and high tailing it to the ballet, he used an app called Uber to hail us a shiny black Yukon Denali truck. The Uber app shows you the status of your cab and it was nice to see our car moving along the map towards our hotel.

The ballet was wonderful of course! I think I want to make it a Christmas tradition. Post ballet experience we walked over to Hayes Valley, ordered Patxis Chicago style deep dish pizza, used Uber to hail a cab, visited Cako bakery to purchase cupcakes before going into the hotel, and then devoured Patxis in our room.

It was a nice way to begin my winter break and celebrate our first Christmas as an old married couple.

iPhone apps to download:
Hotel Tonight

Nutcracker image credits here


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  1. What an AWESOME holiday treat! As a Russian major, I need to ask if it was a Russian ballet troupe, because I’m dorkily curious. Also, I need to keep in mind that there’s Chicago deep dish pizza available in San Francisco. I don’t know when I’ll be there next, but that sounds super scrumptious right now. How were the cupcakes?? (I’m hungry, sorry)

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