2 Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained

I’m a hyperactive person by nature. My mom always tells stories about how I was an antsy baby and she had to “train” me to sit still. I remember going to kindergarten and getting annoyed because things were just way too slow. Why couldn’t the teacher read faster? How come these kids weren’t getting “it”? Nothing has changed. Sitting at a restaurant? Yes, I will play with my utensils, the sugar packets, tap my foot, and look around. MY ATTENTION MUST BE HELD!

So, I always have an awful antsy problem when I attend weddings–waiting for the reception to start can be KILLER. Do I stand? Do I sit? Do I mill around? What do I do with my hands? Playing the waiting game with me is not fun.

Brandon and I both knew from the start that we didn’t want our guests aimlessly milling about while we snapped photos post wedding. The passed appetizers will help, but we knew that we would have to do a little bit more to make sure our guests stayed entertained during that bit o’time post wedding and pre-sit down dinner.

Hire a Caricaturist

I honestly can’t remember how we got the idea to hire a caricaturist. I want to say it was Fabian’s idea. (edit: Brandon says it was his idea!) At any rate, once we got the idea I hit up Craigslist to find a Bay Area caricaturist and I found Zach Trenholm. Zach has an impressive resume and fabulous skills, and after we found out Apple hired Zach for their company Christmas party last December? Brandon was sold. Brandon figured if Zach was good enough for Apple he’d be good enough for us. Zach also uses an iPad to sketch, but we’ll be having him sketch our guests the old fashioned way. Guests won’t have to have their picture sketched, but it will definitely provide some fun and entertainment for our guests while they wait for dinner.

Zach will set up shop on the terrace at Falkirk and each sketch will have our names below the sketch: Lockett-Leonardo Wedding 2012, or something similar.

Wedding Scavenger Hunt via Wedding Party App

When Brandon proposed to me he showed me an app that he had been working on for our wedding. The idea behind the app was for our guests to be able to snap photos at the wedding and look at all of those photos immediately. Well, after attending a networking event Brandon met one of the co-creators and founders of the Wedding Party app. Brandon realized that he really didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and the Wedding Party app was exactly like the one he wanted to build. So after talking with the co-founder Brandon got us hooked up to share the app with our guests (they will receive instructions in our invitations).

Before the wedding we will instruct guests to download the app (at this point the app is for iPhone users only). At the wedding every guest will be given a list of 25 things to snap photos of in addition to other moments they capture on their own. Here is a list of things I’ve come up with so far:

1. Photo of the bride

2. Photo of the bride and groom

3. Someone laughing

4. Photo of the bride and her sister

…and so on. We’re going to try and come up with some fun scavenger hunt items, too. After the wedding Brandon and I will compile those photos into a photo album.

We have one more tech infused idea, but at the moment it’s top secret. Ha!

What entertainment do you have planned for your guests?

What did your guests do after the ceremony and before the reception?

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