San Jose Caterer: Little Chef Counter

I previously wrote about our brief ordeal searching for a wedding caterer and I am excited to report that we totally nabbed a stellar caterer.

Brandon’s food snob  foodie buddy, Dante, has been singing the praises of Little Chef Counter since it opened at San Jose’s San Pedro Square last year.

Prior to securing LCC for our wedding, Brandon made sure to take me to visit LCC for lunch and brunch. I was impressed with the quality and taste of the food (Oh, heyyy, Poutine!)

Here’s the thing about LCC: their menu is all kinds of fabulous. It’s different and totally packs a flavorful punch. WIN.

Brandon was pretty adamant about not having standard wedding food (blah chicken, boring salmon, sad veggies) for our wedding reception. Dante-the-foodie stressed that if he had to attend ANOTHER  wedding (I think he attended over 10 last year and has 6+ to attend this year) with snooze worthy food he’d strangle Brandon (insert sad face here).

After three tastings with other caterers, we finally ended up at LCC on a Sunday morning with my NYC buddy and wedding design guru extraordinaire, Fabian.

We were served:


shrimp ceviche (one of our hors d’oeuvre)

crab cakes (another hors d’oeuvre)

chicken lollipops ( one more hors d’oeuvre; consumed quickly; no picture. SIGH. The chicken had an awesome blend of Moroccan spices.)

steak rigatoni (entree; um, consumed super fast; no picture. Chef Robert? You win at life. )

chicken Parmesan (entree)

Our Final Menu

Hors d’oeuvres:

Crab cakes, shrimp ceviche, and chicken lollipops



Main Courses

Steak rigatoni

Chicken Parmesan

Our plan is to have passed hors d’oeuvres on the terrace post wedding ceremony for about an hour. At dinner the salad will be brought out first and guests will  then dine on the steak rigatoni, chicken parm, or both. Since our meal is being served family style our guests don’t have to choose between one entree. 

Why We Chose Little Chef Counter

  1. We loved the presentation of the food.
  2. Both chefs are easy going and are committed to serving flavorful food.
  3. They offer non-standard food without being too pretentious.
  4. They were willing to work within our budget.
  5. Dante insisted that LCC cater our wedding.
  6. They have experience catering food and serving restaurant guests.

One of the things that can be difficult about wedding food is that the tasting doesn’t always guarantee the quality and taste of the food for the actual wedding reception, but that’s the risk you take when securing any caterer.

So, to our 80-100 wedding guests? We hope you enjoy the food. We really did consider our guests when making our final decisions with our food.

Little Chef Counter? We heart you. Make us proud.

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