Weekly Wedding Inspiration: Pinterest, Flowers, and Decor

Pinterest: a blessing

Because Brandon is linked up to a few different Silicon Valley folks, he often gets beta invites to test new websites. His invite to Pinterest came in early 2011, he offered me an invite (like he always does!), and I signed up and forgot about the site.

Fast forward to May/June of last year–became a pinning maniac. I initially balked at the idea of creating a board dedicated to wedding ideas because.I.wasn’t.even.engaged! Well, I created the board and instantly got addicted to pinning wedding ideas that I found across the web. After I got the iPhone and installed the Pinterest app I started snapping personal photos and uploading them to my wedding board.

Pinterest allowed me to gain numerous wedding ideas that I would not have been exposed to pre-Pinterest.

Pinterest: a curse

Pinterest allowed me to gain numerous wedding ideas that I would not have been exposed to pre-Pinterest. My pins were/all over the place, there is/was no clear vision, and I just liked TOO many things.

Three weeks ago Feybeeuhn pretty much banned me from Pinterest because I had too much going on.

Wedding Style

We haven’t really officially named a theme or style for the wedding; we definitely want to use the Victorian home and all of the decor in and around it. We’ll definitely have vintage and early 20th century decor along with a smidgen of French countryside inspiration.

Here are a few things that have inspired me this week:

I like: beverage bar and the chalkboard name tags. Source. Matthew Morgan Photography

I like: the wood plank as a table runner. Source.

I like: the candle holders and the birdcage. Source. Stephanie Williams Photography

Candle holders I bought while thrifting in San Leandro, Hayward, Fremont, and San Francisco this week.

I like: the color of these cabbage like flowers (as seen in Piedmont near an antique store on 41st).

Pressed glass vases I purchased in San Leandro.

I like: succulent tones.

I like: Depression era pressed glass. Seen at Burlington Coat Factory in Newark.

I like: the colors, the candle holders, and the decanters.


How did you decide on your wedding style?



  1. I mingled my husbands style and mine together. My husband likes modern and clean .. I like eclectic. Our colors were plum and a light green.. The wedding was very elegant.. Sweeping fabrics, rich colors and beautiful flowers. But my bouquet, true to my husbands style was small, modern and classy. In addition all of my bridesmaids carried a single while lily. It was beautiful! For the reception we decorated the tables with circular vases, that contained water and floating lilies, with tea lights beside the vases. The reception was low lite, intimate and nice! The bonus was everything was done very inexpensively. We were told by many guests how elegant and expensive it all looked. But it was a steal! For our reception we have a gospel concert :) We both love music but didn’t want dancing. This worked out wonderfully!

    Weddings are A LOT of work and the hardest part is pinpointing a theme and style. I think you are on the right track though. I can’t wait to see the final product!

    • Weddings ARE alot of work and they are expensive. Brandon and I are having a difficult time stomaching the idea of spending so much money on one day. I balk at the idea of spending so much money! So, luckily we have a budget, we’re sticking to it, and I’m learning to live without things that aren’t necessary. I’m cutting corners like crazy!

  2. You hit right on the head Chandra – Weddings are a lot of work and expensive. Eeks! Keep up with sticking to your budget. It’s easy to go far, far beyond that tricky little budget. :) Although my wedding was much of DIY affair, it turned out to be lots of fun, lots of work, and very memorable (here’s a link to our site: http://tomandomega.blogspot.com/search/label/Our%20Wedding). If I could make one change, I’d splurge less on the wedding day and more on the honeymoon.

    • RIGHT! We want a glorious honeymoon, but it won’t be until I have winter break (I’m a teacher). SIGH. So, we’ll take a brief mini-moon post wedding.

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